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9 Ways You Can Empower Yourself

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

You can empower yourself by understanding your brain’s amazing ability to process complex information.

Your brain’s ability to bring order out of chaos and place people, words, and behavior into patterns that make sense can also work against you. Below is a paragraph that raced across the Internet a few years back:

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This valuable ability to seek out patterns is an excellent example of how our focus on the “big picture” can leave us missing important details. Our intellectual strength becomes a liability when it leads us to miss something that we might have otherwise noticed. It can be a built-in limitation if we’re not aware of it.


Your efforts to empower yourself can be blindsided if the lens through which you look is distorted by your lack of self-awareness. Important details about your personality is buried or obscured because you don’t look at yourself honestly. If you want to be more authentic in the way you live your life, you must also cultivate a high degree of self-awareness. This includes becoming aware of your strengths, weaknesses, talents, skills, emotions, attachments, desires, and habits.


You empower yourself as you become more self-aware about the important details about your own life. When you’re asked about who you are, you provide details such date of birth, place of birth, address, employment, and social security number. Truth is, that is nothing more than a legal description. If you answer from a place of self-awareness, it means you’ve done a lot more work—you’ve dug down and excavated the significance of your own stories and experiences. In the process, you uncover the hidden jewels of your personality, and not being satisfied with statistics put down on a piece of paper.


You empower yourself when you understand your emotions. Mental toughness is controlling your emotions, thoughts, and behavior in ways that set you up for success.

We all know what it feels like to let our emotional brain take over our rational thinking brain. Each time we act out of anger, we strengthen our mind’s anger response; the only way to stop this negative pattern of behavior is to recognize it as an emotion that does not produce the best results for us.


You empower yourself when you act out of kindness because you are strengthening your mind’s “kindness” response. As you become more aware of which of your responses trigger the better choices for you, you empower yourself. If you are not aware, negative responses will tend to perpetuate themselves and you’ll most likely find yourself repeating them—even though they are not productive.

As you get to know yourself, it will mean letting go of addictions, negative emotions, and fear-based behaviors. Replace them with actions that are based on principles, values, and strengths. This is the essence of an empowered leader with a strong mind.


  1. Live for a higher purpose – empowerment is wise and discerning.
  2. Nurture yourself and others – empowerment is compassion for yourself and others.
  3. Develop your strengths and set an example for others – empowerment places value on yourself and others.
  4. Let go of the past – empowerment is forgiving and uses everything in life for growth and renewal.
  5. Observe yourself and others without judgment or expectations – empowerment is engaged with reality and the richness of the world
  6. Believe in yourself and trust in the goodness of life – empowerment is courage to deal with life under all circumstances.
  7. Celebrate your existence and share your happiness – empowerment is happy to add the richness of experience with everyone.
  8. Stand up for yourself and speak out for what you believe – empowerment is strong and capable of affecting the world in many different and positive ways.
  9. Bring peace and healing into your world – empowerment is an inexhaustible font of serenity, acceptance, and kindness in the world.

When leaders are empowered, they find their strength comes from the core of their being. As you journey inward, don’t miss the important details about yourself that allow you to be the leader you were meant to be.

What is your greatest strength? What is something that you have found out about yourself?

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