3 Ways To Prepare for Adversity

February 3rd, 2012 by LaRae Quy

When the going gets tough, we tend to seek out those people—and things—that give us the strength to be our best self. We yearn for the feeling that we’ve turned our lives around and are headed for better days.

Looking for the upside takes our mind off the down times. A positive attitude allows us forget, even for a while, the hardships that face us in many areas of our life.

Here is the ugly truth: We learn very little by being happy and content. We learn everything by being engaged with the realities of life, especially when it’s hard, confusing, and difficult.


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2 Responses to “3 Ways To Prepare for Adversity”

  1. LaRae Quy says:

    Hi Venus

    I’m thrilled that you found the post inspiring . . . the swimming pool experience really was a catalyst for helping me to find the depths of my strength. You’re so correct . . . effort and willpower is necessary to move forward, and one won’t move without the other.

    Thanks and have a great day.

  2. Its an inspiring post.The swimming pool incidence was an eye opener..Its true we are the only one responsible for our life today .Efforts and will are always necessary in order to move forward.

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