Maximize Mentoring with Tips From Kevin Bacon’s TV Show Involving Serial Killers

January 31st, 2013 by LaRae Quy

Mentors can give us a helping hand to get ahead in the workplace. Sometimes they come from unexpected places.

It’s disconcerting to hear that there are an estimated 300 active serial killers in the U.S.  That’s part of the chilling premise of the popular, sometimes violent new TV show, The FollowingSerial killers, led by a psychopath, manage to find a way to communicate with each other, and recruit other killers into their network. This dark, fast-paced crime show is an unexpected place to discover insights about the benefits of mentoring, yet we can. This column is co-written with LaRae Quy, an undercover and counterintelligence FBI agent for 25 years. Mike Weston, a smart, young FBI agent sees an opportunity to learn from an unwilling mentor, Ryan Hardy, played by Kevin Bacon. Hardy, a long retired FBI agent, agrees to help track down the escaped serial killer that he arrested, Joe Carroll.

When FBI agents begin an investigation… see the nine mentoring tips over at Forbes.

This is my guest post on Forbes. It was co-written with Forbes contributor, Kare Anderson.


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