If you’re looking for honest reviews of what people have learned in my Build An Unbeatable Mind training course, take a minute to read what people are saying:


“I had the pleasure of working with LaRae as part of Ceridian’s Leadership for Women program. When I approached LaRae she was incredibly responsive and worked extremely hard to ensure that her workshop met the needs of our group. LaRae presented to over 60 women from across our global organization and the response was overwhelmingly positive! And, when LaRae offered participants a chance to participate in her on-line training program, the available seats filled up in just minutes! I think LaRae’s work on mental toughness has many applications and I highly recommend her for any speaking engagement.”
—Lisa Bull, Ceridian, Vice President, Employee and Leadership Learning

“Upon completion of the Build An Unbeatable Mind course, my colleagues have remarked on the overall improvement in my outlook at work. The program delivers what it promises. LaRae Quy has created an guided program that mixes her personal FBI stories with insightful lessons.”

“I have been following LaRae Quy’s teachings on mental toughness because I want my leadership skills to advance to the next level and prepare myself to make decisions in high stress situations.”
—Nicole Flatt

“My mental toughness score improved by 20% after taking the Build An Unbeatable Mind course!”

“LaRae’s message of mental toughness is an examination of self and a better understanding of who you would like to become. Her course is engaging with strong direction and full of character.”
—Catherine Phillips, First American Title Company, National Commercial Division, San Francisco

“I wholeheartedly recommend LaRae and her course to any business and any audience serious about taking their performance to the next level through their most valuable asset, their people.”
—Colin Millar, Chief Executive Officer at SPAEN

“The lessons learned from the Build An Unbeatable Mind course serve as a foundation to motivate, inspire, and empower all who hear them.”
—Nicolette Frandsen, Wells Fargo, Vice President

“I’ve been in corporate America for years, but I am in a new role as Director of  Technology. I’ve always considered myself a confident person, but lately I have some negative self-talk going on in my head. The most meaningful part of the Build An Unbeatable Mind course for me was how to blast through self-limiting barriers and overcome negative self talk. Honestly, I loved this topic because it was so meaningful and will cause me to change.”
—Lori C.